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Chelsea Levinson

Chelsea Levinson

Chelsea and I met at where else but the Vogue Knitting Live in NY this past Jan. :)  We quickly bonded over our fashion design backgrounds and how we felt like we can help more people by bringing that experience into modern DIYs. Also how much we both loved a good neutral color palette and modern designs. We moaned over how hard it is to run and bootstrap a small business in New York but also how rewarding it can be with even the tiniest triumphs. How we felt hand knitting sometimes don't get the credit it deserves as a form of art and creative expression and it was our goal to make shed some light on it. So to all you ladies out there with your dreams and goals and doing your best in making it work, this one is for you - just keep moving forward and you've got this! <3

Oh, so Chelsea runs the subscription knit/crochet kit company called KnitWise at the most accessible price point of $29/month. So pop over and take a peek because quite frankly we don't know where else to get this kind of deal in this day and age. Also, we may or may not have collaborated with her on this month's subscription knit kit. You can sign up to find out by the 18th and let's just say she always delivers, ha!  Here we asked her some questions as we always do and hope you find it helpful on some level and what not. :)


Our last winter collab with the Big Softy in Jean Slipper Booties!


Q. Where are you from? and where do you live now? 

I'm originally from Las Vegas, Nevada.  After living in San Francisco and Philadelphia, I'm currently settled in Brooklyn.  


Q. Occupation? 

I'm the founder of Knit-Wisea subscription service that delivers everything needed to complete a hand made project once a month, for all skill levels.  Projects range from home goods to accessories, with a modern and optimistic aesthetic.  We currently offer knitting and crochet boxes, with plans for expansion into other crafts.  


Q. What’s the most challenging thing about your work? And what keeps you going when sh*t hits the fan?

As much as I love running my own company, it can get lonely!  I'm the type of person who loves being apart of a team, bouncing ideas off of other creatives, and collaborating.  I'm lucky that when things get crazy, I can call a friend to help me talk things through to get clarity.  Also making a to-do list and then taking a break really helps me. 


Q. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad always told me that you have to take risks in life.   Whenever an upcoming decision is freaking me out, I keep that in mind. 


Q. Fav knitting spot/s?

On my couch, with my cat cuddled up, watching Netflix.


Q. Fav book/s?

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg- I highly recommend it to anyone who's a human being.  


Q. Fav New York spot?

I love the Brooklyn Museum for getting inspired.  And nearby Prospect Park is so beautiful! 


Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever created? A gift or for self?

I'm really proud of my business, but aside from that- probably the crocheted pizza blanket I made.


Q. How did knitting happen for you? And why do you do it?

I had tried to teach myself how to knit several times as a kid but could never do it and would get really frustrated.  When I went to fashion school in San Francisco, one of the classes we had to take was a machine knitting course.  I ended up emphasizing in knitwear design!  It's such an interesting medium to me, to not just be able to make a garment, but to make the fabric itself.  You have so much creative freedom and there are infinite possibilities.