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Niree Noel

Niree Noel



You might have come across her jaw-dropping travel/background knitting photos on Instagram @niree_knits and her warm + down to earth demeanor. Yep, that's Niree. I first met Niree at our NYC knit night hosted by Katie  and Alexi last winter, but have LOOOONGGGG been a huge fan of how effortlessly she captures her knitting journey. I mean... just look at this cover photo! Niree makes knitting in exotic places a THING to do.  And of course I couldn't agree more with how knitting helps so much with anxiety and stress in our daily lives, but if you find yourself here you might already know that. ;)

big softy alpaca yarn

So, without further ado here are some questions + answers we felt we all NEEDED to know. <3

Q. Where are you from? and where do you live now? 

From Los Angeles, living in New York.

Q. Occupation? 

Editorial consultant, freelance writer.

Q. Best advice you’ve ever been given?
Once my father said to me "Abraham Lincoln failed like 27 times before he became President." He was giving me dating advice, but I apply this as just general advice. Who cares if something seems impossible? Keep trying. There's nothing like charging blindly forward and letting life surprise you. 
Q. Fav knitting spot/s?
A park bench beneath some trees or near a bed of flowers. My bed, looking out the window at snowfall or rain. As much as I hate flying, knitting in the window seat above the clouds or over fantastic vistas like the icy cliffs off Greenland is also in my top 5. 
Q. Fav book/s?
Wuthering Heights, In Cold Blood. The Haunting of Hill House. Anything dark and dreamy, really.  
Q. Fav New York spot?
How can anyone answer this question?! I'm always looking for new things and falling in love with new places. 

Q. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever created? A gift or for self?

I think my Chopin cardigan is pretty cool (I used little popcorn stitches to indicate the notes of my favorite passage). 

Q. How did knitting happen for you? And why do you do it?

I wrote about my anxiety issues and how my mom pretty much saved me by suggesting knitting for Allure. It gives my restless hands respite, and my racing mind some sense of focus and calm.
Q. Tips/tricks/secrets on getting the most loyal following on Instagram? (sorry, we had to ask ;)
This Instagram thing happened accidentally - I just wanted to get better at knitting and learn new things. I genuinely love seeing what everyone is making under the #knitstagram tag. I still consider myself pretty beginner (maybe advanced beginner) so any time I get stuck or screw up, I turn to the community for help. I'm also more than happy to help if/when I can offer what little expertise I have.