Our Journey


THE beginning

Inspired by the challenges of sustainability, quality, and minimal design The Rare Creature was born on a mission to explore the possibilities. We create pieces that are timeless with a touch of edge, our materials are the best in class with sustainability rooted as a focus. We then combine it all together to offer you the ultimate knitting kits delivered right to your door.


THE process

Everything we do, we do it for an extraordinary reason with our heart and soul. Our 1st product: the Big Softy yarn blends the highest quality of alpaca fiber with ethical and sustainable practices. We bring this exquisitely soft, lustrous and bulky yarn from the Highlands of Peru to you after a year of research and development. We work with one of the best Peruvian mills what specializes in Alpaca fleece with over 80 years of experience and expertise. It is an exclusive super fine yarn that is not available anywhere else in the US. 


THE innovation

The weight of traditionally made alpaca yarns is quite heavy. Long sweaters and coats were rarely made with entirely alpaca yarns due to this obstacle. The Big Softy yarn is made with a new technology where the fibers are looser with a polyamide core running through in the middle to hold the fiber together rather than it being tightly spun like the traditional method. The result is a soft yet bulky yarn that feels like the cloud when wrapping yourself in it. It combines all the best qualities of the alpaca fleece and a touch of new innovation makes this yarn the 1st of its kind and our very own exclusive invention.

THE collection

Our capsule collection is entirely designed and hand knitted by us inhouse. The lineup is made up of pieces that are simple yet significant, clean yet with an edge. The six elegant natural colors are a palette inspired by nature and will keep on giving for years to come. The essential 11-piece assortment is created with new ways of thinking based on the traditional art of knitting; the end results are for the modern effortless generation.