Life is a full circle. To give is to receive.

This story is a personal one. Ever since I was a little girl I have watched my mom and my grandma knit, crochet and embroider. Growing up all our window curtains, throws and pillow cases were hand embroidered by my mom of various stunning florals, birds, dragons and other exotic animals. I remember wearing all hand knitted/crocheted everything from head to toe till I was about five years old. There might still be a picture of me in a hot pink crochet onesie with matching hat and socks stashed somewhere. Those were my memories. So as you can see my love for all things handmade started at a very early age.
Fast forward to 2016 and we have come full circle. In between the time I was in my hot pink onesie to today I have gone to Parsons for Fashion Design, worked and worn many hats in the fashion industry for some of biggest names and best luxury brands in the world, but something still did not feel right. After over a year of researching The Rare Creature was born. It is about providing the finest natural materials to the people who LOVE working with their hands to create things.

We cherry pick on the type of fiber we want to work with based on their quality, characteristics, and sustainability. Then we dig deep around the world to find the best mill that can bring it to life in order to provide the best to the best. I believe anything handmade with love and passion is second to none, but then again I might be slightly biased. ;)  -Lisa