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The Rare Creature Delivers #UpYourKnittingGame

Tradition Re-Imagined via the Ultimate Modern Knitting Kits Delivered Right to Your Door


New Website Meets the Needs of Active and Aspiring Knitters, from Thoughtful Designs to Step- by-Step Instruction, Knitting Patterns and One-of-A-Kind Exquisite Yarns, All in the Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Kit


New York City, May 5th, 2017 -- The Rare Creature, a website that offers knitting kits containing chic designs, natural ya, ns and instructional videos, today announced the availability of LOOP, a unique 100% certified organic, highest quality, cotton yarn that is made in Japan. For knitters of any level, The Rare Creature is an online resource and one-stop shop for the finest natural yarns, contemporary designs, and all-in-one knitting kits that will help knitters create beautiful knitwear in the most luxurious fibers.


"When I was a little girl I watched my Mom and Grandma knit, crochet and embroider beautiful clothes, curtains, and pillow cases," said Lisa Li, founder and Creative Director of The Rare Creature. "I believe that everyone can knit and that people's lives can be better when they are empowered to wear incredibly beautiful things that they make themselves from the finest natural fibers. That is the vision of The Rare Creature."


Funded initially by a successful Kickstarter campaign, The Rare Creature launched its first product the Big Softy yarn, an exclusive alpaca yarn that is the perfect blend of softness, bulkiness and light weight. The yarn was the result of more than a year of research and development. The 1st of its kind alpaca yarn is warmer, shinier and smoother than wool, with a cashmere-like luxuriousness but more durable. It holds its shape once its knitted compare to traditionally spun alpaca yarn. The Rare Creature is committed to sustainability. The company started with yarn and knitting kits because they create little to no waste compared to clothing cut from fabric. The yarns sourced by The Rare Creature are the finest natural fibers from the most innovative spinning mills sourced on a global basis.


If you believe that the most beautiful things are handcrafted from the heart and that life is better when it is lived thoughtfully and sustainably, please visit us at The Rare Creature and begin your knitting journey.



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